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I remember how excited I felt when I finished my coaching training and thought about the vision I held for my new coaching business and the difference I wanted to make in the world.

And I also remember how as a heart-centred coach who didn't like being salesy, I finally figured out how to turn my big calling into a great living, confidently and authentically.

When I first decided to train as a coach in 2012, I had no idea what it was going to take to turn my “great living” and “coaching impact” dreams into reality.

I was going to learn the hard way...

The Conscious Coachpreneur Journey

During the first couple of years after I qualified, I watched hundreds of my coaching peers, all great coaches, begin to lose their confidence, feel overwhelmed and frustrated and even give up on their coaching dreams, as one by one they fell into the same, common coaching trap…

Even though the majority were purpose-driven, and coaching for them was not all about the money, if coaching was going to be sustainable, they all needed paying clients and to make a living.

After qualifying, they set about doing all the things you’re “supposed to do” to set up your coaching business, get more visible and start getting paying clients.

But months, sometimes years, after building the beautiful website, creating valuable content, posting and interacting daily on social media, networking in groups, emailing contacts and having countless conversations… they still weren’t earning anywhere near enough from their coaching.

Self-doubt started to creep in and their confidence was slowly being whittled away.

With the realisation that if things didn’t change, they’d end up having to go back to a job that filled them with dread, they became increasingly frustrated and overwhelmed.

The struggles are real...

Many of us heart-centred coaches hate the idea of having to be salesy, and use sleazy, shouty or pushy Marketing and Sales tactics that just don’t feel right.

And with so many new coaches qualifying every month, it’s easy to start wondering why anyone would choose a newbie out of all the thousands of more experienced coaches out there.

I can remember when I first started out, feeling the pressure from others around me who just didn’t “get it”, asking if I’d “made any money yet” and should I be thinking about “getting a proper job”

But so many new coaches don’t know where to find clients, how to approach them or what to say, they feel confused about their niche, how to structure their offer or set their prices.

It’s no surprise that most coaches become overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice, and tired of all the 7-figure-global-empire-overnight hype.  Words like hustle, push, strive just don’t mirror our desire for flow, balance and ease.  And it can feel so confusing, trying to figure out who and what to trust amongst all the smoke and mirrors.

So many end up in a situation where it feels easier to put things off, rather than have to use guess work and brute force to put ourselves out there and just hope it eventually works.

If only...

If only there was a trusted and proven method for purpose-led coaches to make a genuine difference, and ensure a consistent income. in a way that feels authentic, aligned and in flow.

If only there was a way to grow and scale a high-impact coaching business without having to become some sort of “business guru” or work harder or longer.

If only there was an approach to business-building that was as value-adding, ethical and transformative as the process of coaching itself.

I can totally relate

I can totally relate, when I started my coaching business from scratch 7 years ago, I experienced challenges too.

I was lucky in that I had over 20 years of business and Marketing experience, and I’d been an entrepreneur in many different guises for over a decade, which not all coaches have when they start out.

But as I was about to find out, coaching and business “know-how” is one of the ingredients we need, but alone, it’s still not enough.

Even though coaching for me was about making a difference, I’d also set myself the goal of replacing my salary from peak of my corporate career. 

I'm blessed to say I achieved my goal.  How?  That's exactly what I want to share with you in the Conscious Coachpreneur Blueprint, but more about that in a minute.

The turning point

It wasn’t until I began to nail the missing ingredients that my business really began to take off.

My business continued to grow, and other coaches began to ask for my help. It was when I was invited to speak at a national summit for coaches to share “the secret of my coaching success” that I began to realise how much others needed me to share what I had learned.

I’d received the same coaching training as my peers, and as far as I was concerned many of them were far better coaches than me. But the secret of my success, in a nutshell, is that although I’d qualified as a coach, I quickly made the transition from Coach to Coachpreneur.

Coachpreneur, is the term I use for a coach who’s able to combine their coaching expertise with the right level of business know-how to build a coaching practice or business that generates a consistent, sustainable and ultimately scalable income.

When you make the shift from coach to coachpreneur you move onto the fastest and clearest path to paying clients, consistent income and building a successful and sustainable business.

And when you go on that journey as a Conscious Coachpreneur, you move onto the path of also living your biggest calling with a sense of purpose above and beyond making money. You bring heart and soul into your business, creating success while standing strong in your highest values, loving what you do and caring deeply about your clients.

The result is a high-impact coaching business that makes a meaningful difference in the world, leaving a positive legacy and making you a great living and lifestyle in the process.

Making a big difference and a great living

Over the last 7 years, I’ve had the honour of connecting, coaching and mentoring thousands of purpose-driven coaches and entrepreneurs. As a successful Conscious Coachpreneur I’m blessed to be making the difference I know I’m here to make, and be making a great living and enjoying an incredible lifestyle in the process.

Building my own multi award-winning, high-impact coaching business, has also led to me becoming a paid international speaker, TEDx speaker, published author, founder of an international community, creator of sell-out national events and see my work featured on international television and radio.

Sharing what I know works

I feel passionately about empowering other coaches with the knowledge of how to go from Coach to high-impact Conscious Coachpreneur, because I truly believe coaching has the power to change the world, and the world needs you.

Discover how heart-centred coaches who want to make a different, are turning their big calling into a great living, confidently and authentically with the proven 6-step Conscious Coachpreneur Blueprint.

In this eGuide, I share the essentials of building a high-impact coaching business that makes a difference, in a way that feels aligned and in flow.

I know you're going to love it, because it works, in a way that’s right for you.

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