How To Get A Consistent Flow

Of Paying Clients


(...without ever being salesy, pushy or inauthentic!)



Coaching - impactful 1:1 and group coaching - is the BEST way to make an amazing living AND make an incredible difference.

However, the harsh reality is that many talented coaches find themselves caught in the relentless struggle of getting enough paying clients to turn their passion for coaching into a sustainable business.

Struggling to stand out from the crowd and attract ideal clients and getting on calls that lead to nothing.  It's incredibly disheartening.

Well, no more!

My name is Nicola Huelin. I started my own coaching business from scratch in 2013. 

My background in marketing gave me a BIG head start, but I still struggled to get enough paying clients in the early days.  However, once I figured out the missing piece, my income and impact quickly grew beyond my imagination. 

Other coaches started asking me for help.  For over 7 years, (alongside my own  1:1 practice) I've been helping others build a thriving coaching business that makes a real difference—and I can help you too.

Most coaches don’t know this…. 

But there are 3 secrets to effortlessly fill your coaching schedule and reach your coaching income goals. 

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Even If You’re Starting From Scratch!

Here's what you'll learn...

Secret #1  Giving Away “Free Coaching Sessions” is a Terrible Way to Get Clients—And May Cause More Harm Than Good.


You've probably heard that “the best and easiest way to get paying clients when you're starting out is to coach them for free and leave them wanting more”.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

Learn why that advice is dead wrong and what to do instead.

Secret #2  How You Can Be Naturally Amazing At Sales - Even If You Hate Selling.


It IS possible to 'close a sale', sign up that next client and fill your calendar without being pushy or using high pressure sales tactics.

Discover how you can use your natural coaching talents to melt away objections and position yourself as the obvious choice in the minds of your clients so they're ready to say an easy and committed yes to working with you.

Secret #3  How to Make Marketing Easy and Attract a Steady Stream of Clients Eager to Work With You.


Big names in our industry recommend showing up consistently on social media, commenting on trending topics all day and inserting yourself into conversations to try to land clients.

How's that working for you?

Learn how to naturally attract all the clients (and consultations) you want.

And more!


testimonial "95% Conversion Rate!"


When I first started working with Nic I had no paying clients...

Needless to say that I was having little success.  All I had was a dream of setting up a coaching business. 

One of the most valuable things I learned from her was the AEM Burning Platform Consultation.  This is a structured and memorable way to manage "discovery calls" leads to really powerful initial conversations that turn into paying clients which...

currently gives me a 95% conversion rate!!! I can’t thank Nic enough for this because it changed my business.

Kath Curry | Edulead, UK

Meet Your Mentor


Hi there, call me Nic! I’m a 10-year coaching veteran and business mentor with over 25 years’ marketing and business experience.

I believe in the power of coaching to change the world and you can be at the forefront of this change for good.

Since 2013 I've run my own thriving 1:1 and group coaching practice.

I realised fairly early on that my coaching mission was, and still is to this day, to empower 1 million women in business [if you don't identify as a women, please read on - because you ARE in the right place too...]

Despite my background in marketing, which gave me a great headstart in building an audience and getting enquiries, I initially struggled to convert that interest into paying clients.  After more than a year of trial and error (and trying ALL THE THINGS), I discovered the missing piece and it wasn't long before I was topping the salary from the peak of my corporate consultancy career working part-time hours (4-day week between school runs).

And it wasn't long after that I was asked to help other coaches to grow their thriving coaching business in the way that works best for them too.

I realised I'd been given a gift. 

In addition to making a difference through my own 1:1 coaching work, which I still do to this day ( I realised I had a very special opportunity to help other coaches achieve THEIR coaching dreams and fill their coaching practice. 

My coach clients go on to empower 100's if not 1000's of other men and women.  In this way, I've been fulfilling my mission in an even bigger way by becoming part of this exponential empowerment-ripple-effect.

Today, I want to share my proven methods with a wider audience—with you—as the world needs coaches now more than ever.

If you’re a heart-centered coach who has struggled to get paying clients, if you’re trying to get your coaching business off the ground, or you dream of leaving your current job to begin life again as a coach, then I've created this training for you.

There’s no magic to getting clients. It’s about having a framework that works.



What a Few of Nic's Clients Have to Say:

Emma Dewhurst


"I’ve never been so happy that I followed a link in my life!

...I am so impressed with this course. 

The sheer volume and excellence of the content is staggering. 

If you take the time to work through... I truly believe you won’t ever need another marketing approach".

Karolina Frydrych


"7 clients [...] and we are just getting started!"

...signing 7 clients from social media posts and referrals. And we are just getting started! 

If you feel lost and overwhelmed with your new [coaching] business, have no idea what elements you will need to make your marketing and sales work and also need a gentle coach that would make you feel supported and cared for, Nicola is the business coach for you".

Nina Farr


"able to sell out my flagship group program"

I have been able to sell out my flagship group program days before registration closed – a first for me. 

I have learned how to have conversations with potential clients that not only serve them, but allow me to invite them to work with me in complete integrity".

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