Conscious Coachpreneurs

*turn your BIG calling into a great living

I believe coaching has the power to change the world!

*and the world needs you

If you're in the process of starting and growing a coaching business, chances are you feel called to make a difference.

There's never been a better time to bring the power of coaching to the world.  There are people and companies out there, who need you and what you do.

When you make the shift from coach to coachpreneur you move onto the fastest and clearest path to paying clients, consistant income and building a successful and sustainable business.

And when you go on that journey as a Conscious Coachpreneur, you move onto the path of living your biggest calling with a sense of purpose that goes way above and beyond making money. You bring heart and soul into your business, creating success while standing strong in your highest values, loving what you do and caring deeply about your clients.

The result is a high-impact coaching business that will change lives, including yours too!

The Conscious Coachpreneur Blueprint

FREE eguide - Discover how heart-centred coaches who want to make a difference, are turning their big calling into a great living, confidently and authentically with the proven 6-step Conscious Coachpreneur Blueprint

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Setting up a new coaching practice

The good news is that setting up a coaching practice is relatively easy and requires minimal investment.  However, there's a big difference between setting up the business basics to practice as a coach, and building the foundations of a thriving, high-impact coaching business that will make a big difference and create a great living.

Building a thriving coaching business

You do NOT have to choose between making a living and making a positive difference. For you to make the difference you are here to make, you deserve to be able to make a good living in the process too, actually a great living, helping the people you feel called to serve. Sadly, many great coaches get stuck when it comes to visibility and getting paying clients.

Struggling to get clients?

“I know I can be a good coach, but I’m terrified about promoting myself”

“I want to build a business that makes a difference, I just don’t know where to start when it comes Marketing”

“I love what I do, but I feel stuck and awkward when it comes to getting clients”

"Most of the 'experts' make is all about enticing clients with a 7-figure dream, but that's not what my clients are about"

For almost a decade, these are the daily comments I hear from gifted, purpose-driven coaches who are struggling to get their coaching business off the ground.

Perhaps you've just qualified, and want to get it right, but there are so many unknowns, so much information, it's overwhelming and you're not sure where to start, or who to trust.

Perhaps you've been going for a while and, despite your best efforts, you're still struggling to get enough clients?

The reality is, without clients, it doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, you won't be able to do what you're here to do.

Now, imagine this…

Imagine, instead of spending every day worrying about where you next client is coming from - you feel a sense of inner peace and calm confidence that you’ll have all the right flow of paying clients.

Imagine, instead of having the hassle and worry of spending your time having to chase people for business and appear pushy or salesy - opportunities and client enquires come to you in a way that feels authentic and aligned.

Imagine, instead of hitting a bottleneck - you can grow your income month by month, year by year, without having to work harder or longer.

Sound too good to be true?  Well it's not, it's what I do, and it's what I help my clients achieve too. And you can too.

On a mission...

It doesn't matter how big or small your coaching mission is, it probably feels "terriciting", half exciting. half terrifying!  Sound familiar?  I know it was for me when I was starting my coaching business from scratch 8 years ago.

My name is Nicola Huelin, a qualified and accredited business coach and mentor, marketing strategist, TEDx speaker and author with over 26 years business experience.

Having built my own thriving, high-impact coaching business - Mpower from scratch, which to this day continues it's mission to empower one million women in business around the world - I get asked a lot by other coaches "How did you do it?". 

I realised my success to truly live my calling to be a coach in a way that felt authentic to me, and have a great living and lifestyle in the process, was because I knew exactly how to make the shift from Coach to 'Conscious Coachpreneur'.

Today, my mission is to help other coaches turn their big calling into a high-impact living - by making the transition form Coach to Conscious Coachpreneur.

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Ready to take the next step?

If you're ready to build a thriving coaching business and boost your impact and revenue in 2020, I'd like to offer you a complimentary kickstart consultation, 60 minutes with me via Skype to find out how you can turn your coaching vision into reality...


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