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You're Invited!

Is *CONNECTION* something that's been on your mind?

YOU want to grow your business. You know making new connections and growing your network is an important part of that.

But it's doesn't always feel easy to meet new people...

So if you're interested in growing your network in 2024 - but you're perhaps not keen on the idea of 'typical' networking events (aka let's all pitch to each other and spend an hour asking and answering the same old "what do you do?" question) - then I have a special invitation for you.

JOIN our FREE online Meetup Circles, expertly facilitated to make sure building new connections to grow your business feels authentic, easy and fun.

"They feel so authentic and organic they have become a highlight in my month!"

~ Samaya Teja Adelin


"What a lovely group of women, it was amazing how natural it felt and we had some amazing conversations in the break out room!  As an introvert I was a little nervous about joining but so glad I did"

~ Katie Beardsley


Welcoming & Inclusive

These 'networking that doesn't feel like networking' sessions are different from your average business networking event. As one of our meetup members Hayley said "Just like a circle -  no harsh edges, no beginning or end, no first or last and always ready to expand to let someone new in".

Inspiring & Insightful

Nic is an expert facilitator and has her own magical way of ensuring your time is not only spent creating new connections, but also engaging in conversations that are super powerful and naturally inspiring, uplifting and informative for people starting, growing and running their own business .

Connections Guaranteed!

As they say, your network is your net worth! In just 60 minutes, I GUARANTEE you'll have the ability to connect with every single other person who attends - but it won't involve 'working the room' or trying to cram in contrived conversations.  Intrigued?  Yay! Come along and find out how!

I'm so glad you found us!

Hi, if we haven't already met, I'm Nic. I'm a 10-year coaching veteran, certified Business Coach and Mentor, founder of multiple thriving coaching brands including Grow Your Coaching Business (GYCB), TEDx Speaker and author.

Business opportunities expand in proportion to the quality of our connections and relationships. I believe, with the right support and connections - surrounded by the right people - anything becomes possible!

Due to everything that had been going on in the world, I started these monthly meetup circles at the end of 2022 as a way of bringing a greater sense of connection back into my own life and business, and for others.

These 'networking that doesn't feel like networking' sessions took place once a month and were totally free. The feedback was amazing and I was asked to continue running them this year.  I'm committing to keeping the sessions free for the rest of this year. So here's your invite to get involved.

I'm looking forward to meeting you and helping you to grow your network in a meaningful and enjoyable way.


Who Will I Meet?

The magic of these groups comes from the mix of people they attract.  You'll meet all sorts of people, however they'll all be like-hearted and on a similar journey of building a purpose-led business. 

Because I started these groups under my Mpower brand, you won't just meet other coaches.  This does mean these meetups are attended predominantly by women and people with service-based businesses.

Remember, the true power of networking doesn't come from getting a client or two (although that does happen) - it comes from developing relationships that can supercharge your reach and amplify your impact through powerful referrals, word of mouth and collaborations.

The meetups take place online, so no need for costly travel and (although most participants are from the UK) you'll potentially meet people from all over the world.  And YES - done in the right way - a zoom room CAN create and hold just as much magic as in person.

Let's make new connections together...

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  2. CONNECT Monthly Meetups take place the 1st Thursday of every month from 9.30am until 10.30am.
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