Who am I?  What qualifies me to help others build a thriving coaching business? And am I the right person to help you?

An important first step in choosing the right coach and mentor, is to understand more about who I am, and what qualifies me to do what I do. I very much hope we'll have the opportunity to talk in person, in the meanwhile, I'm delighted to share what I hope is useful background information on what lights me up and what I've achieved both professionally and personally...

My Professional Bio

Discover more about my professional qualifications and experience and what makes me a qualified expert when it comes to helping other coaches like you, turn your big calling into a great living

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My Personal Story

I'm in the process of writing my personal story from a coaching perspective for my seconed book, but in the meanwhile, feel free to check out my personal story on the Mpower website

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My Passion

As a nature-loving introvert, my big passions in life are being at home with my family, or riding our two Friesian horses Monty & Luna with my daughter. When it comes to "my calling" my passion is to help coaches become high-impact Coachpreneurs

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