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The Coach Who Cared

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The Coach Who Cared

Once there was a coach who deeply cared,

With a heart so warm and a soul so rare,

They listened attentively to every word,

Creating a safe space where dreams were heard.


With compassion as their guiding light,

They nurtured spirits, shining so bright,

They held hands through struggles and fears,

Offering guidance to wipe away tears.


The coach who cared, with empathy's embrace,

Helped others find their own special place,

They saw potential where others could not,

Unleashing greatness with every thought.


In their presence, doubts began to fade,

As they ignited passions long mislaid,

They saw the spark hidden within,

And fanned it gently, letting it begin.


Through thoughtful questions, they'd guide the way,

Uncovering strengths, day after day,

They championed dreams, both big and small,

Lifting others up, standing tall.


The coach who cared, with patience and grace,

Helped others find their unique pace,

They believed in the journey, the winding road,

Supporting their clients as they grew and flowed.


They celebrated victories, no matter how slight,

Encouraging others to embrace their light,

With open arms and a genuine smile,

They walked beside you, mile after mile.


The coach who cared, a beacon of hope,

Helping others navigate and cope,

They left a mark on hearts, forever imprinted,

Leaving a legacy, deeply cemented.


So let us celebrate you, the coach who cared,

For their impact on lives cannot be compared,

Their compassion and love, a gift they share,

Leaving footprints of kindness everywhere.


~ Nicola Huelin


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